Wednesday, October 5, 2011

"Frank often remarked to others that he was never bored a day in his life."

I guess not!

As a young man he played semi-professional baseball, flew small airplanes, did trick riding and rope tricks in local rodeos, and was the amateur chess champion of Connecticut. For much of his life, he was an accomplished rifle and pistol marksman. Later in life, he became a ham radio operator. He developed an interest in collecting and repairing antique clocks. This talent led to his longtime relationship with Mystic Seaport where he was a fixture in the clock and nautical instruments shop. He tended the clocks at the museum for over 30 years. Soon after moving to Mystic, he and a group of friends founded the Mystic Carvers Club. Frank was well known for his exceptional woodworking skills. He took great joy in making clock cases as well as musical instruments, harps, lyres, hammer dulcimers, and banjos. Until his death, every Tuesday the "Cellar Gang" met in his basement workshop to make and play musical instruments. At the age of 91, he traveled to Phoenix, Ariz., to take lessons on playing the Native American flute.

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