Monday, July 26, 2010

Don't make a habit of the rhyming obit

HAGGERTY, Constance Eloine
December 5, 1934 - July 14, 2010
On the 5th of December in the year '34
Sprouted a girl all would grow to adore
Sown by Eloine and Peter, that is a fact
The second seedling in the pony pack
Rooted in New York, then transplanted West in '52
Santa Barbara became home for the Sozzi crew
Lambert Road was the location of her new digs
Assisting her father cutting back twigs
Spring came to Connie in '55
She married Hugh James and they did thrive
A fourth child was coming when tragedy struck
It was a dark time, she was down on her luck
A second bloom came in the form of Cowboy John
He rescued that garden, brought forth a new dawn
With twinkling blue eyes and his Irish charm
He nurtured the garden and kept it from harm
Great were her cuttings, she did think
Eight in all - 5 blue, 3 pink
Botanical names: Patrick, Jeffrey, Shawna, Hugh
Erin, John, Ian and Brigid, too
She poured her heart into this bouquet
Letting each flower grow in its own way
Embracing each stem's unique scent and color
An all-weather, dirt-digging, damn good mother
Camping with her bushel of kids was the best
Be it Mono, Clear Lake or her own Hawk Nest!
She delighted in her family, the fauna and flora
Especially on her excursions to Bora Bora
Harvest time came every week
All types of treasures she did seek
On Friday acorns were gathered to pay
For all the bargains found on Garage Sale Day
More accurate than Farmer's Almanac
She kept the weather gods in check
A rain gauge placed on the porch was a must
As rainfall was tracked from dawn to dusk
Like any gardener she was not fond
Of finding a gopher mound on her lawn
Traps scented with Chanel #5 she did set
Did she get that darn gopher? You can bet!
Her final transplant to Heaven was one of grace
She is sure to make it a more beautiful place
Heaven is awesome:
There Constance Eloine will forever blossom

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