Monday, January 4, 2010

He essayed to perambulate North Yarmouth, Maine

Mr. Smith raised English pointers to serve as birding dogs.

He ran the dogs in field trials -– similar to a horse show –- in Maine and Canada.

"He made a lot of friends in Canada at the field trials," Glavin said.

He became a Registered Maine Guide, taking clients on bird-hunting adventures throughout the state.

And each year Mr. Smith hunted deer and wild turkey.

A few years ago, he sat down and recorded all the dates and places where he bagged a deer.

That was quite a feat, his daughter said, because his hunting career spanned six decades.

Despite his age, he remained in good health, and went deer hunting in October.

"Dad knew everything there was to know about wild animals," Glavin said.

His biggest achievement may have been his effort to perambulate the town.

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