Wednesday, December 9, 2009

From out Fargo, N.D., way, a real keeper of a man!

"His name was Warren. He was a small round fellow with a braying laugh and a loud voice whose tenor tone could atomize cement; there was never any doubt that Warren had arrived at the party. If you wanted to assemble a cliche of a loud guy who told jokes and laughed at his own and sucked up all the energy in the room, you might think Warren was a suitable template –- until you met him.

"If he laughed at his jokes, it’s because they were funny. If he raked the room with tommy-gun patter, it’s because he was dealing with a bunch of taciturn mokes who needed some inspiration. He was the most exuberantly extroverted man I knew growing up, and he was also the least overbearing. Warren was a delightful man. He blazed."

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