Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My all-time favorite obituary lede

"Groton - The naturally-selected DNA of Dr. Kevin Rice Jones, 85, Groton has run its course.

"With nicknames from his Navy days 'Available Jones,' family 'Ol' Bear' and locally 'KJ,' 'KR,' Jones loved sailing, playing (and all things) tennis, the UConn women's basketball team, his tools and gadgets, skiing, playing bridge and poker, computing, his annual vacations to visit beloved friends in Westport, N.Y., reading, and living life in a way that defies description.

"Among his many memorable experiences: jumping off a roof onto a trampoline, several ocean sailing trips, being on a Selma march with Dr. Martin Luther King, constructing a 90-pound ping-pong table, building a slot-car racetrack, coaching volleyball at the University of Kansas (and recruiting Wilt Chamberlain), creating a 'teaching machine,' being nationally ranked for his age-group in racquetball, and buying an ultralight plane at age 82.

"A member of Mensa, Jones was a lifelong defender of going barefoot, a habit begun as a child in idyllic times on a Lake George, N.Y. island."

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